How to Edit A Facebook Post

How To Edit A Facebook Post: I was casually perusing the web previously today, as I do frequently, when I observed something. Having actually opened up a pal's Facebook message, I noted the word 'modified' alongside the day of the post - which is no big deal, we have actually all seen that previously.

How To Edit A Facebook Post

What I had not observed previously, however, is that at the click of a button all previous edits of the blog post show up to your Facebook buddies.

To make sure that implies constantly you edited a message with a spelling error, or reworded a status you decided - in knowledge - made you look discourteous AF, our close friends might have been seeing the modifications the whole time.

IS IT SIMPLY ME WHO DIDN'T KNOW THIS BEFORE? I make sure you'll tell me if it is.

Currently, with this understanding under my belt, I'm considering exactly how I'm going to need to proof-read every remark or statement I ever before make on Facebook in the same way I proof-read my dissertation. This is stressful.

I decided to check just how it worked, so asked my coworker Anna to publish a great little examination status for me.

I after that asked her to edit it.

And also LOOK. Click the little downwards arrow in the leading right hand edge of the blog post.

Select 'see edit history' and also this will arise

Now lol to your heart's content as you enjoy your pals questioning themselves prior to your really eyes.

Oh dear, oh dear. Often you wish you 'd never ever discovered things.