Cover Photos for Facebook Free

Cover Photos For Facebook Free: ( Editor's note: If you're going to from 2015, enjoy this post! If you're visiting today, please have a look at our fully updated Facebook Mobile Cover Photo Tips & Techniques with new free downloads.).
Ever before question why some Facebook cover photos look better compared to others on mobile? The response is constantly a fantastic developer (not that I'm prejudiced or anything), however I lately uncovered a nifty method to assist less of your hard work obtain cut off when viewing from a smart phone-- and also still look wonderful on desktop computer.
Horrible as I go to remembering numbers, I'm constantly googling "FB cover image size" (or viewing our quick-reference infographic), and the initial answer that constantly appears is 851 × 315, which is just what the cover photo displays at on a desktop web browser. If your only concern is desktop computer, this is a fine size to post your cover picture. Regrettably, we could not disregard the 798 million customers who access Facebook daily through their mobile phones.
Before I discovered this technique, options for enhancing a cover picture for both desktop computer & mobile were extremely minimal: either make the centerpiece very little to present properly on mobile, or make it look excellent on desktop computer and also sacrifice the mobile experience.
OK, I'll cut to the chase. Post a picture that is 851 × 475. With cover pictures taller than desktop shows, 2 things take place:.
Desktop computer cuts off the leading & bottom of the photo (luckily, it removes an equal quantity from both).
Mobile will certainly still cut off several of the sides of the picture, but we have a substantially larger readable location.

Cover Photos For Facebook Free

This offers us a far more versatile canvas to deal with, and also a richer experience on both desktop and also mobile. Anything within the "Safe Area" over will certainly display appropriately!