Facebook Merge Pages

Facebook Merge Pages: If you're like me, you might have a number of Facebook Pages which are truly comparable that you want to combine together. One was initially an examination page so I am combining that with my new web page. https://www.facebook.com/dejavuguides

Facebook Merge Pages

Here's my walkthrough of exactly how I merged a number of my Facebook pages together

I initially got the adhering to messages when I planninged to merge my Facebook Pages, however after making some consistency modifications, I was offered the alternative to Combine.

Preliminary ineligibility to combine pages together.

Action 1 - Go to Facebook's Web page Merge web page

Action 2 - Select web pages to be Combined

Tip 3 - Read as well as validate that you wish to combine your Facebook Pages
Below's an example of the details that they will ask you to review and also verify.
Demand to combine your replicate Pages
If you are an admin of numerous Pages that stand for the very same point, we might have the ability to merge them. Merging Pages incorporates all your likes and also check-ins right into one Page.
I have checked out as well as recognize the above info.

Choose the Page that you want to maintain:

Deja Vu Guides

Combining Pages integrates the people who like your Pages as well as any check-ins, yet posts, images, reviews, scores and the username will be deleted from the Web page you combine. The Web page you intend to maintain will certainly remain the same, with the exception of the addition of individuals who such as the Page and also check-ins that were combined from the other Page. The Page you do not intend to maintain will be gotten rid of from Facebook, and you won't have the ability to unmerge it.

Please do not submit duplicate requests.

The Pages that you merge should have to do with the very same thing. If it's unclear that your Pages represent the same point, they can not be combined.

Instances of appropriate combine demands:

• "Jane Smith BodyArt" into "Jane Smith Body Art"
• "Chris' Cupcakes - Austin" right into "Chris' Cupcakes"
• "Digital photography by Kat" right into "Digital Photography by Kat Camera"
Examples of combine demands that require a 7-day waiting duration:
• "The Health spa at Hotel" right into "Resort".
• "Facebook" into "Facebook Conversation".
• "Sheryl Cooper" into "Sheryl Cooper's Bookkeeping Solution".
Instances of merge demands that cannot be refined:.
• "Followers of Facebook" right into "Facebook".
I recognize that the Pages I'm asking for to combine may be substantially different. I recognize that this may call for a 7-day waiting duration to notify the people that such as the Page to be combined. I also recognize that both Pages must be published at the time of request. I would still want to wage this demand.

Pages You Want to Combine.

Use the drop-down menus to pick as much as 5 Pages you 'd like to combine into your location Page. You can just mergePages that you handle.

After we process your demand, suches as and check-ins will certainly be combined on the destination Page. All various other web content such as posts, images and also the username will certainly be completely removed from the Pages you combined.

Vu Lengthy Tran.

Please evaluate this request before submitting. When your Pages have actually been merged, it can not be undone. Do not submit numerous demands. If you unintentionally submit a request, wait until you hear back from the Facebook group. Submitting one more request can cause all of your Pages being permanently deleted.

Step 4 - Send your request when you prepare.
Submit your request when you're ready. Please send only once.

Now, I am waiting on https://www.facebook.com/dejavuguides to become my primary Facebook page.