How to Delete My Facebook Account Step by Step

How To Delete My Facebook Account Step By Step: There are numerous reasons you could intend to completely erase your Facebook profile.
For this situation, let's say you've chosen to go "Kerouac around the world" and the should remove your digital identification immediately.

How To Delete My Facebook Account Step By Step

Although Facebook is discouraged to remove your facebook account completely, they supply the opportunity, though somewhat buried.

Action 1: Back-up all your information

First, it is the moment to backup all messages, videos, and pictures.

Click on the "down arrow" in the upper right corner

Go to the settings
The configuration of the general account, click "download and install a copy of all Facebook data", the download data.

Step 2: Disable your account

Click the "down arrowhead" in the upper right corner, Account Setup, click Security in the left menu, click deactivate your account

You will likewise be asked to provide a reason that you're leaving.

They will certainly currently be indexed of all your Facebook data, yet they can be easily restored.

Step 3: Erase your Facebook account.

Click the "lock" icon in the upper right edge, click on the "magnifying glass" as well as search for "erase".

Click on the result near the bottom that states "How do I remove my account permanently" Currently scroll down up until you see the link "understand" click remove my account Place your ... password, existing the image code. Click OK. That's it.