How to Edit Facebook Post

How To Edit Facebook Post: I was casually browsing the web previously today, as I do consistently, when I saw something. Having actually opened a good friend's Facebook message, I kept in mind words 'edited' together with the date of the article - which is no big deal, we have actually all seen that in the past.

How To Edit Facebook Post

Exactly what I had not observed until now, nonetheless, is that at the click of a button all previous edits of the blog post are visible to your Facebook good friends.

To ensure that implies regularly you edited an article with a punctuation error, or rewrote a standing you decided - in hindsight - made you look disrespectful AF, our good friends might have been seeing the changes during.

IS IT JUST ME THAT DIDN'T KNOW THIS PRIOR TO? I'm sure you'll inform me if it is.

Currently, with this understanding under my belt, I'm considering how I'm going to have to proof-read every comment or statement I ever make on Facebook similarly I proof-read my dissertation. This is stressful.

I made a decision to check just how it functioned, so asked my associate Anna to publish a wonderful little examination standing for me.

I then asked her to modify it.

And also APPEARANCE. Click the little downwards arrowhead in the top right-hand man edge of the article.

Select 'view modify background' and also this will emerge

Now lol to your heart's content as you watch your friends questioning themselves prior to your really eyes.

Oh dear, oh dear. In some cases you wish you 'd never found things.