How to See who You Searched for On Facebook

How To See Who You Searched For On Facebook: Back in March 2010, I wrote a post called Be cautious of "That Viewed My Profile" Apps on Facebook. It's still one of my top 5 viewed messages, with more than 4,400 web page sights in the past month alone. So it's clearly a topic of terrific rate of interest to people.

How To See Who You Searched For On Facebook

What's weird is that although the short article clearly mentions that there are no applications readily available that let you see who viewed your profile, most of its visitors still publish remarks asking who could watch their profile. And also rarely does a week go by that I do not also receive that question on the T4L Facebook page as well as through e-mail.

Possibly individuals believe something has transformed in the last 3 years. So let me be clear: There is No Chance for you to learn who has viewed your profile on Facebook. Below is Facebook's response to this concern in their Help Facility.

From time to time I additionally get a comment from someone that they have evidence that Facebook does supply this performance because they checked out somebody's account then got a message or pal demand from that person. I never see the certain proof they're referring to, so I cannot discuss exactly what they think they're seeing. I assume it's feasible that if you check out somebody's account a great deal, your name will certainly appear a whole lot a lot more in position like the ticker or mutual friends' checklists, but that's a far cry from showing someone precisely who has been looking at their account, when and exactly how typically.

Currently, I'm the very first individual to be cynical about any case Facebook makes concerning caring about their users' privacy (check out my recent series on Facebook and Privacy). But I truly believe Facebook in this case as well as assume they will certainly never permit this performance-- due to the fact that it wouldn't be in their best interest to do so.

I believe there are lots of people who utilize Facebook largely to take a look at accounts as well as pictures of other people, specifically those they're interested in or have broken up with or that are currently seeing people they have actually broken up with. Now, if Facebook were to begin permitting people to see who had checked out their accounts, a lot of people might quite possibly erase their profiles and stop utilizing FB completely due to the fact that they don't want to be caught stalking. And also since there seems to be some proof that Facebook is already starting to shed individuals, especially among the more youthful set, they're not going to do something that will drive more people away when that attribute has no particular value to the company itself.

So along with re-confirming that you can not see who viewed your profile, please consider this article an additional warning never ever to click any kind of web link that claims it will certainly aid you do simply that. If you do, you're opening the door to having your account hacked and as a result dealing with real hazards to your privacy.