What are Dimensions for Facebook Cover Photo

What Are Dimensions For Facebook Cover Photo: The Facebook cover photo is the huge photo at the top of your page. It is the first thing somebody is going to see when they look at your page, as well as a chance to make an impact. The crucial thing to remember is 851 x 315 pixels-- this is the size it is going to be shown on your Facebook page so you want to create or re-size your photo to these measurements for optimum display. If your picture is a various size it will be re-sized and also potentially misshaped. For highest quality the picture must be an sRGB JPG of less than 100kb.

What Are Dimensions For Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Standards

Facebook recently (March 2013) loosened up the standards for cover images to enable require activity to be consisted of. The brand-new guidelines are much easier:

All covers are public. This suggests that any person that visits your Web page will certainly have the ability to see your cover. Covers cannot be misleading, misleading, or infringe on any person else's copyright. You may not urge people to upload your cover to their individual timelines. Covers might not consist of pictures with greater than 20% text.

Source: facebook.com

Facebook account picture:
Your Facebook profile image is presented at 160 x 160 pixels with 5 pixels (white) padding around the picture over part of your cover image, but need to be submitted at 180 x 180 pixels (minimum) and also is then re-sized. The profile picture rests 23 pixels from left and 21 from the top.