Facebook Search History Delete From Computer

Facebook Search History Delete From Computer: Question from Alveda G: I learnt through a mutual friend that my ex-spouse recently burglarized my Facebook account and checked my search background to see if I was trying to talk to any old partners. I do NOT like that!!

Facebook Search History Delete From Computer

I really did not also know Facebook recorded the important things you look for. Is there any way to erase my search background? And also is there a way to prevent Facebook from saving it in the first place?

Rick's answer: Hello Alveda. Prior to I address your questions, I strongly advise securing down your Facebook account now in order to avoid your ex (or any individual else) from burglarizing it to begin with. It's not all that hard to complete. This article discusses how you can do it, detailed.

Now that you have locked down your account, I'll address your 2nd question initially. The response is no, Facebook doesn't permit you to avoid them from putting together a list of your searches.

Why? Due to the fact that they use your search history to help them determine which ads to show while you're utilizing the website. They understand that if they could show advertisements associated with the subjects you want, you'll be more likely to click on them. Which brings us back your very first question ...

You could quickly remove your whole Facebook search background with simply a couple of clicks, making it easy to do so whenever you prepare to log out of your account. Right here's how:

1-- Check out your Timeline page as well as click the View Task Log switch (you'll locate it in the reduced right-hand edge of your cover photo).

2-- Look in the much left column and also click the More link that lies just under Photos, Suches As and also Comments.

3-- Click the Search link that lies at the bottom of the list.

4-- Click the Clear Searches link that located on the right-hand side of the large white bar on top of the window.

5-- A dialog box will certainly turn up asking you to confirm that you really intend to clear your search history. To finish the treatment, click the Clear Searches connect situated at the top-right side of the window.