How Do U Deactivate Facebook

How Do U Deactivate Facebook: If you should take some time off from Facebook and intend to deactivate your account. We have a solution for you. Don't worry about your profile; it will be protected till you choose to reactivate it. Follow this guide and start doing something a lot more productive with your pause.

How Do U Deactivate Facebook

1. Assuming that you currently logged right into your account, go to the leading right corner of the home window and press the symbol beside the lock. In the menu that opens, choose Settings.

2. On the next home window, go to the left as well as select Security.

3. Now, go to "Deactivate Your Account" and also press Edit.

4. Once you press modify, click the "Deactivate your account" link.

5. On the next home window, you will be asked to suggest the reason why you are deactivating your account. Select what fit your requirements and explain if you want to go a lot more in detail. You can also opt out of receiving Facebook notifications to your email and pick a date if you intend to reactivate your account immediately. Once you are done, click Deactivate.

6. Currently, enter your password as well as hit Deactivate Currently

7. The next window should indicate that your account has been deactivated. Please bear in mind that if you log into your account it will immediately be reactivated.