How to Change Language In Facebook

How To Change Language In Facebook: The best ways to change the language in Facebook to Esperanto
Visit to your Facebook account
Go to your Account Setups (click down arrow on the top right hand of the display).

How To Change Language In Facebook

Click on your language selection and also change it to Esperanto.
Click Conserve Changes.
Find out Esperanto from your Facebook account and contribute to the translations by clicking on the little globe at the bottom right hand of the screen. You can turn on text ballot (ŝalti entekstan voĉdonadon) and also appropriate click any kind of pink underlined Esperanto word/phrase to see the translation, vote on it, or add to a better translation.
Note: The Esperanto language on Facebook is around 60%. With more people electing and after that supplying translations, the percent of Esperanto on Facebook will increase.
Keep in mind: I make use of Google Chrome Net Web browser when taking the display catches listed below.