Facebook Posts to Twitter 2019

Last week, I responded to an email asking me just how I post my tweets or tweets I liked to my Facebook web page. It removed over the weekend, garnering a ton of tweets and retweets. Facebook Posts To Twitter: So clearly it's a social media sites pointer that people have been thinking of. To proceed in this series of social networks cross-promotion, I thought I would certainly go on and also include a follow-up Post that responds to the question of "exactly how do a share a Facebook Post on Twitter?"

So, while the details below will provide you the step-by-step of posting a Facebook standing to Twitter, be cognizant of the security problems that may occur. In the actions below, I'll reveal you ways to examine the safety and security before you even post, to see if it's worth sharing.

Facebook Posts To Twitter

Steps For Sharing A Facebook Post To Twitter

1) Begin by discovering the Post you intend to share. For this Post, I'll be sharing the connect to the "Stinky Fish Challenge" video clip. If you have not watched it already, don't view it while you are eating lunch. TRUST ME.

2) Next, click the link to the date/time that the Post was released. This will take you to the individual Post, rather than showing it in your timeline or in the timeline of the Facebook page you are seeing.

3) Before you share the Post, inspect the privacy settings to see whether it is also worth sharing. If it's extremely limited, it will most likely simply frustrate your Twitter followers, so adhere to those posts that present a world symbol. This suggests that the Post is visible to everybody.

4) If the privacy settings are fine, simply choose the LINK in the internet browser and also copy it. Because you are on the web page dedicated to this specific video clip, image, or Post this LINK will certainly lead your Twitter followers directly to the content you intend to share. In this case, the URL for the video clip I am sharing is https://www.facebook.com/BigJoeInsurance/videos/1422969431075632/

5) Finally, going to Twitter and also develop your Post. Simply paste the URL right into the tweet if you want to permit Twitter to shorten it. If you wish to shorten the link on your own, you could constantly utilize a device like http://Goo.gl or http://bit.ly. In my case, I shortened it with Hootsuite's Ow.ly shortener.

6) Click the Tweet button and the Facebook Post will be shared with your Twitter followers.

Connecting Your Tweets to Facebook

1. Click the profile symbol in the top right corner of your Twitter display. Click "Settings" from the drop-down menu - (http://twitter.com/settings/applications).

2. Click "Profile" on the left side of the display.

3. Click the "Post your Tweets to Facebook" button below the screen.

4. Click the "Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts" switch.

5. Enter your Facebook e-mail address and also password if prompted.

6. Click the "Log In with Facebook" switch.

7. Click the "Allow" switch. Your Facebook account is validated and after that linked to your Twitter account.